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A variety of services to fit your needs




Intensive counseling for couples

We work with couples to quickly identify a goal and implement a solution. Couples learn to set realistic, positive goals and identify strategies to achieve their goals. For the first 4 to 6 weeks sessions are normally scheduled weekly.  As couples see progress, time between sessions is increased to 2 weeks or more.  This provides time to practice new skills between sessions.  Typically couples complete counseling after 10 to 12 sessions.


Intensive counseling for individuals

We can help you find solutions even when your spouse does not want to seek help or when you believe your spouse is at fault. We see relationships as a dance.  The actions of one half of the couple infuence the other half.  


Telephone/Online Counseling

Our services are just as effective over the phone as in person. If the office is too far or your schedule too busy, just give us a call to get started on your solution.


Education Resource/Workshops

We can provide educational classes and workshops for your group, large or small. Workshop topics can be general or specific like pre-marital concerns, communication, and negotiation. Our current workshop is starting in March. The Marriage Solutions Workshop is our basic skill building workshop. We focus on teaching you the secrets learned from the science of happy relationships.  Registration is limited to 4 couples to ensure you get individual attention. 

We also have DVD workshops available for you to use at home. 


Our Guarantee 

Now here is something you don't see every-day. We guarantee that you will see progress after 3 sessons. To be clear, we don't expect everything to be perfect, but you will see things going in the right direction.  If not, just let us know at your 4th session and we will refund all fees minus a $75 admin fee.