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Bob Powell founded the Marriage Resource Center in 2014 with the goal of nothing less than to end divorce in LaSalle County. He has been married to his wife Trudy for 29 years and in addition to working as the Director at the Marriage Resource Center, he is the Discipleship Pastor at Life Church in Peru, IL. He believes passionately that couples should not stay together out of guilt or obligation, but that couples can find joy in the marriage relationship.


After 20 years of counseling experience, Bob has developed effective strategies based on the science of happy couples to help couples reconnect and rediscover the joy and love that initially brought them together. These strategies are unique in that they focus on building on the positive and discovering solutions, instead of analyzing the problem and discovering why it doesn't work.  


For Christians, it is important to know that the science behind happy relationships, are consistent with the general principles found in the Bible.  The Bible mentions 6 times that marriage is meant to transform 2 people into 1 unit.  This is often represented in marriage ceremonies by each couple lighting a candle and then together lighting one candle. The bible isn't very specific about how to make this happen, but science has identified some very specific strategies.


If you are not Christian, it is important to know that, like gravity, science works even when you don't believe in it. Bob has worked with couples from many different backgrounds and with all types of couples, from those who are trying to rebuild after an affair, to those who are doing fine but just want to fine tune some rough spots in their relationship. Call today to find out more.



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