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Relationship Myths
and why you should be glad they are not true

           I have tried everything...


       I know since you are reading this at least you are interested in change.  I am sure you have tried a lot of things and 25 variations on every one of those things. So here is the key. You can be the person that changes the dance.  I know it seems like you have tried everything.  Either your spouse hasn't noticed your effort or things seem to get worse.  But I guarantee that you haven't tried everything yet. Keep in mind that what you try must be something truly different. For example,  If you have tried to explain to your spouse 30 times why it is a good idea to be on a budget, the 31st time won't work either. Explaining louder, more frequently, more simply, or more dramatically will not work either.  Sometimes it takes someone from the outside to help you find a truly different idea so keep reading on this site for ideas.